Borrower FAQ's

Servicing Transfer

I received a transfer letter. What does it mean?
If you receive a transfer letter, this means your loan is being transferred to a new servicer. You will receive a letter from your current servicer, as well as from your new servicer, regarding the transfer as well as providing contact information for both parties.
I sent my payment to my previous servicer. What do I do?
Monitor your bank account to ensure previous servicer has processed your payment. If the previous servicer has not processed the payment, contact our office for assistance. The previous servicer will forward all funds collected during the Interim Servicing Period to Kirkland.
If I was set up on automatic payments with my previous servicer, will the payments continue to be drafted from my account?
No. Once your loan is transferred, you will need to set up automatic payments with your new servicer.
What is a subservicer and how does it affect my account?
A subservicer is a third party that services your loan and collects your monthly payments. If you are an escrowed customer, the subservicer will also manage your escrow account.


What options are available for making a payment?
To make a payment, you may call in your payment each month or set up a reoccurring monthly payment to be automatically drafted from your bank account . There is no fee associated with drafting your payment. Payments may be mailed to: Kirkland PO Box 970 Goodlettsville, TN 37070 Unfortunately, we currently do not accept credit/debit card payments or online payments at this time.
When will a late charge be assessed to my account?
Your late charge is outlined in the terms of your note. If you have specific questions relating to your late charge, please contact customer service at (888) 595-9536 to discuss the terms of your note.
Why did my payment change?
If you notice a change in your monthly payment, you may have an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) in which the interest rate is subject to change. You will receive an ARM Change Notice letter prior to the payment change which will explain your previous interest rate and payment, as well as your new payment information. Your payment may have also changed due to an escrow analysis. Please see Escrow section below for information on Escrow accounts.
I am set up on Automatic Bank Draft, when does my account get drafted?
Your account will be drafted the same day each month. If this day falls on a weekend or holiday, your account will be drafted the business day prior. Bank accounts may take several business days to reflect the payment withdrawal.
How do I change the date my payment is being drafted if I have set up a bank draft?
Please notify us 48 hours prior to the date your payment is drafted if you need to change your payment date for the month. Your payment will resume the original draft day the following month unless otherwise specified.
When do billing statements go out?
Billing statements are mailed around the 17th of each month.
What if I do not receive my billing statement?
If you do not receive your billing statement in the mail, you are still responsible for your monthly mortgage payment. Please call customer service at (888) 595-9536 to have an additional copy of your statement sent.


What is an escrow account?
An escrow account is a separate account set up for your loan by the lender that is used to pay property tax and homeowner’s insurance bills. If you are escrowed, a portion of your monthly payment will get deposited into this account each month. The servicer of your loan will use these funds to pay your property tax and homeowner’s insurance bills as they are due.
Why did my escrow payment change?
Your escrow payment is subject to change to compensate for an increase or decrease in tax and insurance bills.
What is an escrow analysis?
An escrow analysis is an annual assessment of your escrow account to ensure the correct amount of funds are collected to pay your property tax and homeowner’s insurance bills.
What is an escrow shortage?
An escrow analysis may uncover an escrow shortage in which there are not sufficient funds in your escrow account to cover property tax and insurance bills. In this case, you may repay your escrow account the shortage amount as one lump sum or spread this amount out over monthly payments, causing an escrow payment increase.
What is an escrow surplus?
An escrow surplus occurs when you are contributing more than necessary to your escrow account. In the case of an overage, you may receive a surplus check for the excess funds.

Property Tax and Homeowner's Insurance

Who pays my property tax bill?
If you are escrowed, your servicer will pay your property taxes when they are due. If you are not an escrowed customer, it is your responsibility to pay your taxes in a timely manner.
What do I do if I receive my property tax bill?
Even if you are an escrowed customer, you may receive a copy of your property tax bill in the mail. It is always helpful to forward your bill to your servicer and keep a copy for your records.
Who pays my Homeowner’s Insurance?
If you are escrowed, your servicer will pay your Homeowners Insurance policy renewal when it is due. If you are not an escrowed customer, it is your responsibility to pay your insurance and make sure there is no lapse in coverage. You should also provide your servicer with a current declarations page upon annual renewal of your policy.
What do I do if I receive my Homeowner’s Insurance renewal?
Even if you are an escrowed customer, you may receive a copy of your Homeowner’s Insurance policy renewal in the mail. It is always helpful to forward your bill to your servicer and keep a copy for your records.
What should I do if I change insurance companies?
If you are an escrowed customer, please contact our Customer Service Department at (888) 595-9536 to discuss the process for changing insurance companies. If you are a non-escrowed customer and you change insurance carriers, please notify us immediately and provide an updated declaration page so that we may update your account accordingly.
What do I do if I receive a notice of cancellation for my Homeowner’s Insurance policy?
If you receive a notice of cancellation for your insurance policy and you are an escrowed customer, we will call the insurance company to clarify the reason for the cancellation notice. If you are not escrowed, it is your responsibility to furnish proof of insurance. If we do not receive proof of insurance within 10 days after the cancellation date, will we send a letter to obtain current insurance information. If we still do not receive a current policy, we will acquire Force Placed Insurance for your account.
What is Force Placed insurance?
By the terms of your Mortgage, you are required to carry insurance on your property. If you cannot furnish a current insurance policy, we will provide insurance on your behalf. Force Placed Insurance only covers the structure of the property and does not provide coverage for your contents. We have the right to place you on Force Placed Insurance until you are able to provide proof of insurance.

Homeowner's Insurance Claim

My property was damaged, what do I do?
In the event your property is damaged, you will first need to file a claim with your insurance company. Notify us of the claim and keep us updated on the process as you work with your insurance company.
I received an insurance claim check. What is the next step?
Once you receive the insurance claim check, you will endorse and forward it to us. We will hold the funds in a Loss Draft account and disburse them as needed for repairs.
What information is needed to get funds disbursed from my Loss Draft account?
In order to receive funds from your Loss Draft account, we will need the following information: Insurance claim documents, photos of the damage, Contractor’s license, Contractor’s Insurance, and Contractor’s invoice. Once the repairs are complete, and photos of the finished work are received, the remaining funds will be disbursed.

Account Changes

How do I change my name on my account?
If you have legally changed your name and need to update the name on your account, you will need to furnish proof of the name change such as a passport or current driver’s license. If the name change is due to marriage or divorce, you may also provide the marriage certificate or divorce decree.
What do I do if ownership on the property has changed? (i.e. marriage, divorce, death)
In the event that ownership of the property has changed, please notify us immediately of the change. We will require documentation supporting the change in ownership, proof of identity, and proof of ownership interest in the property.
How do I change my bank account information on file?
Contact us at (888) 595-9536 to add or change the banking information in your file.
How do I change my address?
If your mailing address has changed, please inform us immediately of the change to ensure all statements and documents are sent to the correct address.


How do I obtain a verification of Mortgage?
Fax a verification of mortgage request form along with a borrower’s authorization to (615) 859-2238.
How do I get a payoff statement?
To request a payoff statement, please call, fax, or email a payoff request along with borrower’s authorization.
When do 1098’s go out?
1098’s will be mailed annually by the last day of January.